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Episode 17 - Essential Rewards: What, Why, How

It seems almost all businesses have a reward program in today’s world. One more subscription seems daunting to some people. Honestly, I thought that when I started with Young Living’s reward program. But I knew that I needed an arsenal for my family. An arsenal of supplies to turn to if something should happen and we needed some natural health tools on hand. I looked at the $50 monthly minimum purchase and could not fathom our family being able to afford it. It scared me to add another $50 a month to our budget. When I did the figuring on Young Living’s reward program, I realized it was simply the most inexpensive way to get high quality supplements and essential oils in my home. So I cringed and enrolled in Essential Rewards. I knew full well that Young Living makes it incredibly easy to back out of their reward program. It is a simple phone call. This made it much more enticing to think about. If I did not know what to order next month, I would just cancel the rewards quickly and easily. However, I never cancelled. Five years later, I am still ordering monthly, and plan on continuing to.

Before we completely dive into Young Living’s amazing rewards program, let’s grab a shot of NingXia Red together. If you have a bottle or packet of NingXia, take a sip. As you do, know that you are giving your body antioxidant fuel that is absolutely necessary and amazing for your body. If you do not have NingXia Red, grab some frankincense essential oil and put a couple drops on your hands, rub your hands together, and breathe deeply. If you have frankincense and NingXia Red, do both with me! This will give your body the perk it might be craving right now.

What is Essential Rewards with Young Living?

Young Living’s Essential Rewards is a customizable wellness box shipped straight to your door that is built by you, and exactly what you choose for your family to help keep everyone healthy. Each month requires a minimum $50 purchase and can be placed anytime during the course of the month. Each monthly order recieves a PV value, PV stands for point volume. Most items are dollar for dollar PV. At 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV you will receive a free promotion oil or product. These promotions are announced at the beginning of every month. If you are consistently on Essential Rewards, you will receive a free oil as a thank you gift for being a loyal customer during the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth month. 

You begin immediately earning reward points starting with your first order. During months one through three with Essential Rewards you receive 10% back in PV points on your purchases. Starting at month four you will earn 20% back until month 24. At month 24 of Essential Rewards you will earn a total of 25% back in PV points to use on other products. I suggest people bank up their points and keep them until they have a large amount, then they can use their points on a shop order. When you get to the payment section in your shop order, use your points to pay for your items, and you will just have to pay a small amount for shipping on the products you chose.

Through Essential Rewards you build up your oily arsenal to have products on hand when you need them. This alone keeps people on track with taking supplements. If you know that another month’s supply of your supplements is coming the next month, then you are more determined to take them daily. This will help your overall health in the long run.

Young Living is incredibly generous and includes promotions every month to help you build your arsenal of products. This is probably my favorite part of Young Living's Essential Rewards program. Over the years on Essential Rewards, I have been able to build our family’s wellness toolbox to a point where I have pretty much everything I need should disaster strike and one of my family members needs intense intervention. However, saving the products for a rainy day is not completely the idea. A great idea would be to read about the new oil or supplement you received on an Essential Rewards order, find out what to use it for, and then experiment with it. 

Lifestyle Change

When I first enrolled with Young Living I thought I was just getting a starter kit of oils. Now I know that I got so much more than that. When I purchased my starter kit I actually got a lifestyle change. I started to recognize problems in our personal care products, cleaning supplies, and supplements that contained sneaky ingredients that sometimes I had no idea were there until after I purchased a product and used it on my children.

False Claims

As I began to become more aware of companies using ingredients to make products less expensive and of lower quality, I began to become incredibly frustrated. I was frustrated with the fact that the companies would lie to me. They would claim their products were “natural” or “green” or “organic,” and I would purchase them with the belief that I was helping my family live a more natural lifestyle only to find out the company was lying to me about ingredients. These added ingredients could quite possibly be detrimental to our family’s health in the long run. Not something I wanted to have in our home. 

The Person Behind the Company

Enter Young Living. At first I was skeptical. I did not dive into Young Living wholeheartedly until I did gobs of research. It seemed the more I found out, the more I loved. Yes, there are people out there that believe the founder was corrupt. However, that is going to happen anytime you are in leadership. Successful leaders tend to be the target of naysayers. My trouble was I had to sift through the information to find what was best for our family. I encourage everyone to do this. At my first Young Living convention I heard the founder, Gary Young, speak several times. I heard his heart. I saw his facial expressions. I felt the passion behind his words. This is when I realized that he was not just a successful business owner looking out for himself, he truly cared about people.


Then I visited my first Young Living farm and felt at home. I walked in the fields where the lavender my family had fallen in love with was grown. I saw the planting by hand that went on. Those that worked on the farm spoke to us and taught us about the products and the efforts that were made to keep the products clean and not add in any sneaky ingredients that I had become accustomed to in other brands. The best part about being on the Young Living farm was the smell. I did not smell a chemical fertilizer or pesticide or herbicide anywhere. Trust me, I have a nose for these things. Authenticity is exactly what I wanted with a company, and that is what I got with Young Living.

Dr. Wenker (2018) states in his book, A Doctor’s Guide to Essential Rewards 

Healthy living is not just a one-time effort, smart choices need to be made on a regular, if not daily, basis, and not just sometimes. Those who walk this path will continue to experience positive results. The best way to make these changes and stick to them, is to enroll in Young Living’s subscription program, which will save you substantial amounts of money while accomplishing your new wellness goals. (p. 13)

In Wenker’s (2018) book he also suggests gradually swapping out products in your home that may contain harmful ingredients for products that are much cleaner from Young Living. Doing everything all at once, in one month might get incredibly expensive. Cleaning supplies and laundry detergent are one of the first things that should be swapped out in a home. Young Living’s Thieves line makes this absolutely simple. The Thieves Household Cleaner is concentrated, making it much more environmentally friendly, and healthier for everyone in the home. This cleaner can replace all of your toxic cleaning supplies and is absolutely safe enough to drink. However, it probably would not taste the best if you do take a sip, so I do not recommend it.

If you think all of your cleaning supplies are clean because they say, green or organic, please double check the ingredients. In an upcoming podcast episode I will be covering greenwashing. This is a huge problem in our world today. People think they are doing a good thing and getting cleaner products, when they are actually paying more for the same chemicals to clean their homes.

With Young Living’s Essential Rewards program, you can add the Thieves Household Cleaner and Thieves Laundry Soap to your very first Essential Rewards order, and quickly and easily detox your laundry room and cleaning supplies. Both of these products are dilutable because Young Living does not want to charge you shipping for an extra large bottle, nor do they want to waste the packaging.

Why Essential Rewards with Young Living?

  • Cost Effective: Essential Rewards is the most cost effective way to purchase Young Living products. You receive discounted prices as a Young Living member, and then additionally with Essential Rewards you earn points back with each order. These points can be redeemed allowing you to purchase future products with only the cost of shipping, generally less than $8.00. 

  • Environmentally Safe: Essential Rewards makes complete sense for the environment. All of those synthetic chemicals people use while cleaning or on their bodies goes back into the environment somehow. When these synthetics hit our sewer systems, where do they end up? Yes, the water is filtered before heading back into our homes but the waste needs to go somewhere eventually.

  • Easy to Enroll and Cancel: To enroll you log into your virtual office on Young Living’s website and click Essential Rewards following the instructions and prompts given. To cancel you simply call your enroller or Young Living’s customer service department and they will easily cancel for you.

  • Customize Monthly Order: Each month you can choose what products you want to purchase and what date you want to purchase them. Some people order the exact same products on the exact same date each month. While others make monthly changes adding products, removing products from last month’s order, and deciding when the best time to have the package mailed to their home. If you are out of town, you can change the date and have the package arrive when you are home. If you went through a product faster than anticipated and need more sooner than your process date, you can change to manually process whatever date of the month you would like. The flexibility is endless and you hold all the power in what you order and when you order it each month. There are no additional fees to make changes from the previous month’s order.

  • Change your Life: Dr. Wenker (2018) says,

So, my message to you is loud and clear. Change your life, the lives of your loved ones and pets, and the poor state of the environment. Commit to it. Go all the way. Don’t be afraid. Change your habits by improving your lifestyle and buying cleaner, safer products. (p.14)

  • Free Products with Essential Rewards: Some of the promotional oils I receive I use immediately, and some I save for a rainy day. One oil that I received for free and saved for a rainy day was helichrysum. This is a very pricy oil because of the great lengths Young Living goes through to make sure it is pure, unadulterated - and that this, difficult to grow plant, is grown with care. I had not yet purchased this oil, but because it came for free one month I had it on hand when my husband suffered from some pretty intense ligament tears in his ankle. After he slipped out of the piece of equipment he had been operating, I helped him pull his boot off (his ankle was incredibly swollen), washed his foot, and applied a couple drops of helichrysum, panaway, and copaiba. We reapplied the oils every hour before he went to bed, then again in the morning. That morning the swelling had decreased enough for him to put his boot on and head back to work again for the day. I also use helichrysum for any open pieces of skin that need immediate help to stop leaking red stuff that is sometimes hard to control. Because this oil is pricy, I save it for the really tough stuff and I was grateful to have it without paying for it! Another product I received for free was the Deep Relief Roll-On. I absolutely love this product. It goes with me everywhere. I had already fallen in love with this product, and the month it was a free promotion oil I had just run out of my previous roller. It was helpful to receive one for free so I did not have to pay for it. The best part was, I could order something else from Young Living that month because the Deep Relief I would have purchased I received at no cost. 

How to Join Essential Rewards with Young Living

Young Living’s Essential Rewards program is never an obligation, but it is always an option. So when you are ready, and you have already purchased your starter kit, log into your Young Living account and click on Essential Rewards. When you click this it will walk you through the steps of joining the program. You will be able to customize your date of when your order is processed (which you can easily change at any time), and also customize your order or your shipping preferences. If your order is over 100 PV you will receive free shipping which is another great perk!

Friends, consistency is so important when it comes to your health. Consistency with using non-synthetic chemically laden cleaning products, personal care products, supplements, and oils without sneaky ingredients. I am going to leave you with the quote from Dr. Wenker (2018) that says, 

We cannot make change by using healthy products occasionally. We need to use them every day, in our home, on our bodies, everywhere. If we do, not only will we improve our health, but we can contribute to Mother Earth. (p.14) 

Let’s raise our frequency a bit by adding the positive affirmation of the week: “I have the ability to consistently use healthy products to support my family’s health.” Galatians 6:9 says, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” 

If you are struggling with a health issue my friend, keep pushing, keep learning, your body can heal.

Products Featured on Today’s Broadcast

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Essential Oils

  • Frankincense

  • Helichrysum

  • Panaway

  • Copaiba

  • Deep Relief Roll-On


  • NingXia Red

  • Thieves Household Cleaner

  • Thieves Laundry Soap


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Wenker, O. (2018). A Doctor's Guide to Essential Rewards. Olivier Wenker, MD, DEAA.