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Episode 19 - Natural Birth: You can do it!

Are you a momma about to have a new baby? Or do you know someone about to grow their family by adding a new little one? If so, please share this information with them. Having a new little one is such an amazing blessing. I want you to know that I am praying for you, momma, as you travel this journey. I totally understand the fears of having a baby. I also understand and applaud the desire to do things naturally and would love to help you in any way I can. 

Today, I want to share some of the things I learned in my journey delivering and raising three healthy babies after losing one baby to miscarriage.

Let’s first grab an oil to start with. If you are currently expecting, please take two ounces of NingXia Red to keep that placenta strong and healthy! Also, frankincense essential oil is great for baby, so put a couple of drops on your palms, rub your palms together, and breathe in slowly three long, deep breaths. 

Personal Story

My husband and I were very blessed, when we were ready to start a family we conceived immediately. I was scared. I wondered if my body could actually do this thing? I had heard voices of people in the past saying things that did not really have any relevancy to my situation but held me back thinking maybe I was not cut out physically to bear children and be a mom. Then we were devastated when that pregnancy abruptly ended in a miscarriage requiring surgery.

But God truly blessed us and we were quickly able to get pregnant again. Now all of those voices kept coming back saying, “You will lose this baby again” and others. I really did not emotionally attach to the pregnancy until the baby girl was in my arms. It was not until then that I believed that I could actually do this whole thing - pregnancy, delivery, nursing, everything!

My first delivery of a girl, I did not know anything about giving birth, and I was not far enough along in my natural health journey to ask questions or even know what kind of questions to ask. I did what my doctor told me to do. Now that I am further along, I always suggest people listen to their healthcare provider, but do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

Things I Would Change Looking Back

Everything went well with the delivery of my first baby; however, things I would change looking back:

  1. I would not accept the pertussis vaccination for myself right after delivery.

  • I coughed for two weeks (while trying to recover from having a baby) and did not know why. I thought I was sick, but the cough would not go away. I now know that it was because of the vaccination. My body was recovering from giving birth. I should not have been injected with a vaccine that I had to recover from also.

  1. I would not accept an epidural - this caused my contractions to slow and stop and then I needed another intervention, pitocin.

  • The pain was more than I ever thought it would be. I had no idea what to expect. However, I would have prepared myself better mentally to handle the pain and the baby would have been born faster had I not accepted the epidural.

  1. I would have left the umbilical cord attached until it stopped pulsing, which is about two to three hours. Sounds like a long time, but cutting the cord immediately is actually so hard on the baby. The placenta has two weeks worth of iron in it and if you cut it immediately, you cut off that source of nutrients for your baby. The cord should be left attached to the baby for the first two to three hours after birth to ensure the baby has received all the good nutrients from it!

  2. I would have given my baby vitamin D that does not contain chemicals. It amazes me that in the doctor’s office they push vitamin D on you where the first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. REALLY?! Why are we putting that on our baby’s tongue? The baby is going to get used to that flavor and crave highly sweetened sugars his/her entire life. I found a vitamin D later on in my journey that I would suggest, vitamin D is very important - but quality is even more important.) The vitamin D I suggest for infants is in Mindwise or Young Living’s Super D (for mom to take if nursing). If the baby is nursing, and mom is supplementing, he/she will have plenty of vitamin D and should not need to supplement the baby.

  3. I would have researched the vitamin K shot. The chances of low vitamin K being an issue are incredibly slim. The vitamin K shot is filled with many chemicals that are harmful for the baby and the chances of needing the extra vitamin K do not outweigh the risks of a toxin injected in the baby immediately after birth. The vitamin K shot is given to the baby to avoid hemorrhaging if the baby should bleed after birth. However, if the mother is able to supplement her diet with plenty of leafy greens, and other vitamin K rich foods, this is not necessary. The shot also contains polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, and other known harmful carcinogens (Rothville, n.d.). Please visit the blog section on my website to see a great discussion on this.

  4. I would have done skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery. There should have been zero lag time between when the baby was born and when the baby was placed on my chest. For my first delivery I did not research the benefits of skin-to-skin. Instead of the baby coming directly to my chest after being born, the baby was examined. When I gave birth to Anja (my third child) at the Birthing Center I learned about the Breast Crawl. It honestly was amazing! My midwife put Anja on my stomach and she immediately crawled right up to nurse. I did not even have to show her where to go or how to get there! It was fascinating. God made babies to know what to do!

  5. I would have researched Intravenous therapy (IV) antibiotic medication for strep B while laboring or after delivery. I now know of some alternatives if this is an issue, please contact me.

Second Pregnancy

After my first delivery I started to learn a few things, and then ended up pregnant pretty quickly and 17 months later delivered my second child, a boy. I learned a ton after our first child but was still not confident enough to deliver at home or in a Birthing Center. My second pregnancy was not as pleasant as my first because I had a doctor who scared me. She talked to me about how close my pregnancies were and that I could possibly have complications with this one, and the baby might not be developed properly, etc. She ordered an extra ultrasound at 30 weeks (even though everything looked fine at 20 weeks) just to make sure the baby was fine. I wish I would have denied this ultrasound. During this ultrasound the doctor found the baby (Wesley) was not developing from the neck down properly. She said, “I am not sure but it looks as if his head is much larger than the rest of his body which could mean a few things.” She threw out terms like, “mutations and midget.” It was incredibly disheartening. Honestly, I spent so many nights up worrying, looking up information online, searching through the ultrasound video they gave us to see if I could find anything, pleading to God that my baby would be okay. In reality, he was just short. Had I not had that ultrasound, I would have never been concerned and spent those nights up worrying.

Also, with my second delivery, my requests to have the cord left attached were not honored and the doctor cut it immediately. She apologized, but still, it was cut immediately. I also was coerced into getting the epidural and again needed pitocin to keep laboring. 

Third Pregnancy

So, this brings me to the delivery of my third child, a girl.

This one was my favorite! I was confident, I did not have an overabundance of interventions because I knew I did not need them. I learned that God designed our bodies to do this, to give birth, and I should not be afraid of it. It took me two births and a ton of research to realize this!

I gave birth to my third child Anja, in a Birthing Center. It was by far the fastest I have ever healed and I used all natural methods. I did not take one synthetic or over the counter pain medication.

Here is what I did:

  1. Copaiba essential oil - lots of it 

  • I dropped copaiba under my tongue during delivery and then every 15 minutes after delivery for the first couple hours. After that, I put several drops in my mouth every couple hours to keep up. This is necessary when your bottom gets uncomfortable. It definitely takes the edge off.

  1. Frankincense essential oil! Get those frequencies up! Frequencies are so important. Death sets in at 25 MHz and below. Healthy people are usually at a frequency of 50 and higher. If you can immediately get your baby’s frequencies raised by using an essential oil with a high frequency, then baby and momma will both benefit. Anja was anointed with two drops of frankincense immediately after birth on the forehead. After of course, some skin-to-skin time on my chest. (Seriously, I loved this so much!) This is where she did the Breast Crawl. It was amazing!

  2. Claraderm essential oil spray on my lady parts. This is a healer. I sprayed claraderm directly on my bottom after going to the bathroom for the first three to four weeks after delivery. This was the fastest I healed and I did not need any stitches with this one. It amazed me what the copaiba oil and the claraderm oil spray did for my lady parts compared to what the chemical sprays did that I used with the other two deliveries.

  3. If I have a fourth pregnancy, I would definitely use Young Living’s PD 80/20 supplement, lemon essential oil, and digize essential oil to help with the horrible morning “yuck” feeling that comes on sometimes when expecting. PD 80/20 is a pill, lemon oil internally and diffused, and digize rubbed on my stomach. Unfortunately, I did not know about these natural options until after my third pregnancy and suffered quite a bit with an upset stomach.

  4. Honestly, I would not change anything about Anja’s birth (except that she was two weeks late… which was annoying). It was so calm, relaxed, and God centered. Josh and I were with the midwife and her assistant, and that was it. She was calm, she carried a confidence about her, and continuously told me that I could do it.

Really, confidence is key! Your body is made to do this. And if something goes wrong and an intervention is necessary, please do not fret. It is okay. Seriously though, motherhood is one of the best journeys ever!

Psalm 127:3-4 says, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Please, if you are at all nervous about your delivery speak life and positive affirmations over yourself and your baby. A good one is, “My body is made to do this and my baby will be strong and healthy.”

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