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Thanks for tuning in to Twelve Minute Health Bits. This is your host, Christen Hull, providing health and wellness support for the 21st century. We will be talking about using simple methods from today and centuries ago to keep our bodies healthy. Our goal is to daily stay “Above the Wellness Line.” In this podcast I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to daily make small changes to your life in order to keep your body well. 

Episode 21 - Kids & Oils

How many of you mom’s out there have ever sat next to your limp child wondering if there was anything you could do to make them feel better? I know I have. I have laid next to a child with itchy skin or feeling incredibly hot, wishing there was something I could do quickly to take it away from them. I have laid there praying that God would give me direction on which route to take in order to effectively help them recover fully. I get it! I have been there. I understand the worry, frustration, and fear. When our family started using essential oils and finding supplements that worked for each child to help with his or her needs, I felt so empowered. I felt as if someone had lit a fire under me because I finally had tools to help my family the way a mother should be able to help.

If you have GenYus essential oil please grab it, put a couple of drops of the oil on the palms of your hands, rub your palms together, and cup your hands over your mouth. Breath in three long, slow, deep breaths. Put the remaining oil from your palms on the back of your neck right below your hairline. If you do not have GenYus try common sense essential oil or the new KidPower blend from Young Living. 

Tools for Every Mom

When I first became a mom, I became incredibly frustrated trying to find the cleanest products on the market, and alternatives to products that really were necessary, but might be causing further harm to my little one’s body in the long run.

That is when I found Young Living’s Kidscent oils. They are exactly what I was searching for as a mom. Pure, natural, therapeutic grade oils that come prediluted so they are safe to put directly on the skin of my little ones without worrying at all about any sneaky ingredients.

Little Oilers Collection 

This Little Oilers Collection literally has everything a mom could need to make sure the kiddos are set and ready to tackle day to day activities. The set includes:


Let’s call this focus in a bottle. This oil is a game changer for anyone who has trouble focusing on a task! It is great to roll on the back of the neck (brain stem) before school work! Throw a few rolls on a leather bracelet or necklace, apply a bit to wrists, or the back of the neck when you really need to concentrate.



Love this on little chests and backs! Full of powerful oils like eucalyptus blue, palo santo, lavender, dorado azul, ravintsara, myrtle, eucalyptus globulus, marjoram, pine, eucalyptus citriodora, cypress, eucalyptus radiata, black spruce, and peppermint oils. This is so needed during the fall and winter to make little lungs happy! Remember how we talk about how much we love those tree oils? YUP. Full of them! My seven-year-old son will even take his bottle and dab a tiny bit on the tip of his nose! He does love this one in his Feather the Owl diffuser as well.



Leave this one out where kids can grab it whenever they need it. It is so beautiful to teach them to be in tune with their body’s needs! A swipe on the belly will help pretty much any issue feel better! A blend of spearmint, peppermint, tangerine, fennel, anise, ginger, and cardamom, TummyGize is the perfect relaxing blend for massaging onto little tummies.



This relaxing bedtime (or anytime) blend is beloved for all ages! SleepyIze contains a beautiful combination of lavender, geranium, roman chamomile, tangerine, bergamot, and sacred frankincense, as well as SleepyIze favorites valerian and rue! I cannot tell you how much we adore this blend in our little ones’ diffusers at night, rolled onto undersides of their big toes, and down the spine. Perfect for nighttime bonding and snuggles, you are going to love it!!



For all the boo-boos! Another one to leave out where the kids can easily grab when needed! It is formulated with tea tree, elemi, and other oils which are gentle

and perfect for the skin. So, keep this one handy for application

whenever your little one needs some extra love and care.


All new confidence building blend! 


Special Guest Interview

Friends, I am so excited to bring on this special guest to today’s show! Rather than hear me sit here and talk about how I use oils with my kids all day long, I thought you should really hear it from the experts. My first guest is eight years old, loves horses, and is such a great liltle oily advocate that I cannot wait to see her mind expand into more holistic places as she grows. She already talks with her friends about using oils and healthy living. I have a couple questions for you today Grace, but first tell us what your favorite oil is.


Grace: Rose, because it smells amazing!


Christen: What oil do you use when you first wake up in the morning?


Grace: Joy or harmony because I am pretty cranky in the morning and my mom says I need it!


Christen: What other uses do you have for your oils?


Grace: Thieves for cleaning. SleepyIze, rutavala, lavender, and stress away for sleeping. Owie of when I get an owie. GeneYus for when my schoolwork is difficult. Geranium under my armpits so they smell good. When I danced my first ballet solo last summer I used valor for confidence and it went really well.


Christen: When did your mom start using oils on you? 


Grace: When I was about 2 and a half.


Christen: What do you want to tell moms or kids that might be nervous about using oils for the first time? 


Grace: My mom was nervous the first time she used oils, so it is ok. But she quickly learned that the ingredients in other products were more harmful than the essential oils. If you are really nervous, put some valor on your wrists first, then take some deep breaths and know that it will work.

Use the Tools God has Blessed us With

Friends, I was nervous when I first dropped those oils on my kids. But then I looked at the ingredients in other products, and realized that I wanted what God has blessed us with instead of a man-made synthetic version. I am grateful my children have these tools at their fingertips. I am even more grateful they will grow up having an alternative to use when something happens, so they can feel empowered and not chained down by fear. Fear from not having the tools needed to fight off and treat simple things when they happen to come their way.


Say with me the positive affirmation for the week: “I have the tools I need to take care of my children the way God intended.” Remember the verse from Proverbs 21:20, “There is oil in the house of the wise.” 

Products Featured on Today’s Broadcast

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Essential Oils

  • GenYus

  • Common Sense

  • KidPower

  • SniffleEase

  • TummyGize

  • SleepyIze

  • Owie

  • Rose

  • Joy

  • Harmony

  • Thieves

  • Rutavala

  • Lavender

  • Stress Away

  • Geranium


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