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Thanks for tuning in to Twelve Minute Health Bits. This is your host, Christen Hull, providing health and wellness support for the 21st century. We will be talking about using simple methods from today and centuries ago to keep our bodies healthy. Our goal is to daily stay “Above the Wellness Line.” In this podcast I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to daily make small changes to your life in order to keep your body well. 

Episode 25 - Interview with an Oiler: Paul Hardin

100% it comes down to worldview. I want to do things that are natural, 

good for our bodies, and help our bodies sustain themselves for as long as we can. 

  • How long have you been using essential oils? How did they come into your family? 

For the past one to two years. Oils started to trickle into our family through my wife after childbirth. She started using progessence plus and it made a big impact for her and our household atmosphere. And now I gladly spend the money on this oil and never want to go without it!

  • What is your favorite oil?

Evergreen essence, it smells so good. It is all that is man encapsulated in a bottle.

  • What is your favorite supplement? 

Super B because I use that every day. Before I got married and had kids I had lots of energy. Now married and with kids I have less energy. Life 9, probiotics. I notice if I have not taken Super B that I am tired by 5:00 p.m.

  • What was life like before supporting your health with oils and supplements? 

After I came back from Iraq I started having allergy problems, sinus infections, and bronchitis within days of several days of noticing a scratchy throat. No over the counter medicines would stop it or slow it down and I would be miserable and down for a week.  This happened 2-4 times a year. Any big change in weather would cause this. One of my army buddies said to do peppermint tea with apple cider vinegar, honey, and lemon. So I started doing that, and that did way more for me than any antibiotics. Once I had a scratchy throat I would start that and it was amazing how it would work. I did not have to take off of work and I could function. Now I use one peppermint drop and thieves in that tea. I also do vitamin C till bowel tolerance. 

  • Do you use oils and supplements with your kids? 

Absolutely! My son uses DiGize at night for stomach and gas. My daughter takes MightyPro, Unwind, and vitamin C. Our children have less stomach problems with using oils and supplements. We also use a fever roller on our children’s spine and other locations and it works to help fight the problem naturally.

  • What would you share with a family who has anxiety or discomfort about using oil products with their children?

100% it comes down to worldview. I want to do things that are natural, good for our bodies, and help our bodies sustain themselves for as long as we can. As a christian, I know these oils are helping me be a good steward, and I am keeping my body as a  temple. I am not down when I am sick, and I can pour into others because the oils and supplements are very preventative. I am not dependent on expensive medications and a slave to the system of health insurance. Oils is the best way to achieve my life goals and direction, not mainstream medicine. 


Ephesians 3:12 “In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.”

Our positive affirmation for the week: “I have the freedom and confidence to use the tools to take care of my health and support my family’s health.”

Products Featured on Today’s Broadcast

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Essential Oils

  • Progessence Plus

  • Evergreen Essence

  • Peppermint

  • Thieves

  • DiGize


  • Super B

  • Life 9

  • Vitamin C

  • MightyPro

  • Unwind


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