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Episode 36 - Hormone Support with Progessence Plus

We are going to continue our discussion today about hormones. Hormones are so, so important because if they are not supported, balanced, and in optimal shape, your body is not going to feel great. Your body and emotions are going to be up and down. So, we are going to keep talking about Progessence Plus. We have Mariah with us today.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I am 19 years old and I am in school to become an American Sign Language Interruptor. I just found oils in November of 2020 and have fallen in love with them. 

What is one of the first oils you started with to help support hormones?

The first one I used was Progessence Plus.

At first, how long did you use it and what was your story when you first started it?

I received Progessence Plus as a sample from a friend and I used it every other day, and then I went up to using it daily. When I started using it daily, I noticed it changed my cycle and I was not sure if that was a good thing. I reached out to people and asked “is this normal?” And they said that my levels were probably off, and so when I get better control, my cycle should be more regular.

How many months did it take you before your cycle became normal again?

When I continually used it regularly, it took two to four months for it to become regular and not all over the place.

What did you notice before you used Progessence Plus, what were your cycles like? Did you have cramps and bloating and all that kind of stuff?

Before using Progessence Plus my cramps were terrible! I had bloating and I had super bad acne. I was just really kind of out for a week, to a week and a half, because it was so intense. I figured this was normal because my family has a history of having really intense periods. I was like, “oh, this is life now, this is normal.” After using Progessence Plus it was such a dramatic change. It took time, but it was such a dramatic change, I do not know what my life would be like if I did not use it. 

I am really glad you said that Mariah, because so many people think that all these symptoms that people have - the cramps, bloating, headaches, fatigue, is just normal because our society makes us feel this is normal. Or the bitterness, anger, and inability to have patience - I know I get that way, not so much any more, but we just have trained ourselves to believe that this is the way it is supposed to be. But that is really our body’s way of communicating to us saying “I need something” and what Progessence Plus provides is that extra bit of progesterone that we need in order to have a cycle that is a little more normal and like it should be. It is crazy, according to Dr. Purser (n.d.) 99% of women test low for progesterone. These symptoms are your body’s way of saying “help, I need something!” So I am really glad for you that this was your help!

Do you want to give us any more information about when you switched over and how it is going now? Are you pretty regular with using it?

I am regular with using it. I have a roller on my bottle and I roll it on my forearms and my ankles because I know these are places you can use it, but I am still constantly learning. I do that daily and when I am on my period, I do this twice a day, because with my body, and my cycle, I know that using it twice a day helps. Something I would tell people if they are wanting to start getting into using oils to help medicinally and with hormone levels, it is probably going to take time. Do not give up on day 29, hour 23, minute 59. It could take a month or two months, but being consistent is key. Because when you are not consistent your body gets thrown off. 

Exactly, I am glad you said that, consistency is key. It takes more than just using the oil once and then you are done. It definitely takes more time, and when you are truly working on a health issue naturally, it is going to be a process and trial and error as well. Because your body is going to need a different amount of Progessence Plus than my body is, you need to play with it and see where your body is at. When I started, I started with one drop a day for a full month and then I slowly built up more. I did notice I got headaches right away and headaches are not a way my body normally detoxes. But once I pushed through that, now I can use as much Progessence Plus as my body needs. The one thing I want to say is, if I run out of my little bottle, my husband will leave me a note or a text and ask “did you order your Progessence Plus this month?” I go through a bottle about every four to five months. But I chuckle and I go “oh yeah.” One of my symptoms around my cycle is impatience and irritability and I do not like even being around myself! He notices right away if I need that little bottle. 

Mariah, I am so glad Progessence Plus is working for you and helping you. 

Is there anything you want to add about using oils to support your hormones or anything like that?

If I was going to add anything I would just say give it time and find out what works for your body because everybody is different. And know that when you support your body naturally with what it needs, your system is going to thank you.

Thank you so much Mariah I really appreciate your information because it sometimes is a long road when you try things naturally, trying to find what works for you. Thanks for coming on today Mariah.

It was a pleasure.

I sure appreciated hearing Mariah’s testimony and I do have more information about Progessence Plus if you would like me to send it to you just send me a message and I would be happy to pass it along. Thank you so much for tuning in to Twelve Minutes Health Bites.

I really want to focus on 3 John 1:2 “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”

Say the positive affirmation of the week with me, “My body can and will heal.”

Friends, if you have something that is bugging you or keeping you up at night send me a message! I would be happy to help you if there is something that you can do naturally to support your body. We will find something, because there is a reason why you have whatever it is that is keeping you up at night. God does provide healing from those things so we need to be aware of that and accept that. We also need to let Him work and use the tools He has given us, the plants He has given us, and the essential oils and supplements and those types of things that He has given us to support our bodies. 

I wish you well my friends, be well and be blessed. Let me know if you have any questions I would be happy to add you to my Wellness Team which is a super supportive group of wellness like minded people, we share information and we help each other out. It has been the backbone of our family’s health and wellness for the last seven years.

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