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Episode 40 - Healthy Mouth and Gums

Today we are going to be talking about cavities. I wish I could say I am the type of person who has gone my entire life without a cavity but that is simply not true. When I was in my early 20s, I had gotten into some unhealthy lifestyle choices that brought about nine cavities right around the time I graduated college. I had no cavities prior to this. I had these cavities filled as cheaply as I possibly could because of the fact that I did not have a lot of money. 

Consequences of Poor Oral Health

But, one thing led to another and I had nine cheap mercury fills put into my mouth and six months later I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. Graves Disease was life altering for me. It changed my life! I lost 20 pounds in two months. My resting heart rate was 120 beats per minute, I was not sleeping, and experienced many other symptoms. As soon as I figured out what was going on, I was able to bring my thyroid back down into place and heal it naturally. One of the things I did to heal my thyroid was I had my mercury fillings removed later in life. This was very helpful in the healing process because the thyroid is deeply affected by heavy metals. So you really want to be careful not to put those heavy metals into your body, especially mercury fillings! If you have a filling going in, please do the composite fillings, they are much better for you. 

Let’s Learn Together

Today, I am going to talk about preventing and hopefully never having to have nine fillings put in like I did. Please learn from my mistakes here friends, this is not a podcast to say, “look at me, I did a wonderful job with this stuff.” Because I did not, and I really want you to learn from my mistakes!

Oral Health Impacts Your Entire Body

Over the course of my life I have learned a lot about taking care of my health, my oral health included. I did not know that the mouth is directly related to the entire body until I started to get into natural health a little more.

So your mouth, and the pH in your mouth, directly affects your entire body and it is crazy when you start to dive into that. Today, we are really going to talk about how you prevent those cavities, and if you have one, is it possible to remineralize it and heal it? And yes, it is possible! I have as of now remineralized two teeth and I have one more cavity I am working on currently. I am praying that I can heal this one as well. I really hate getting drilling and hate having a foreign substance in my body. I do not like novocaine and anything like that. I would much rather use some natural options on it if I possibly can. 

Essential Minerals

Minerals are so important in making sure your teeth have what they need. Minerals that are put into your body, such as water that has the proper minerals you definitely need to make sure you are supplementing. Even still, supplementing with minerals is so important. A supplement that was crucial for me, and my tooth health in my journey, has been Mineral Essence. Mineral Essence has a very bioavailable form of magnesium, but also all the mineral friends that go along with it. 

Now, it is gross and it does not taste great; however, I take it because I know it is good for me. It has really significantly helped the mouths of my children as well. So if you have reverse osmosis water that does not put the minerals back into the water you need to double check that you are taking a mineral supplement. Make sure it is a good source of magnesium and bioavailable minerals because you can get some pretty junky supplements that really do more harm than good. 

Oil Pulling

Another thing that is super important is oil pulling. Oil pulling is just basically taking a little bit of coconut oil or Thieves toothpaste, also works. Thieves toothpaste has coconut oil in it and other essential oils that are really helpful for the teeth and gums and I use that to oil pull. You put a squirt of that toothpaste in your mouth or a tablespoon of coconut oil. If you use coconut oil you can add in Thieves vitality essential oil and swish all that around. You are going to try to keep that in your mouth for 20 minutes, 15 is good, but 20 is better. It pulls all those toxins out of your mouth so that you get all that bacteria and nasty stuff out. It even pulls toxins out of your body as well. There is some really great research on oil pulling and the benefits of it. If you want any of my research on that, please send me a message and I would be happy to provide you with that. 

What Does Oil Pulling Actually Do?

Oil pulling helps with the excretion of toxic heavy metals by saliva. It activates salivary enzymes which absorb toxins, it detoxifies and purifies the entire human body, and reduces plaque including plaque induced gingivitis. It acts as an antifungal for the mouth, helps with bleeding gums, and repairs swollen gums. It reduces free radical activity in the oral cavity. It generates antioxidants, your teeth become whiter, breath becomes fresher, and your oral cavity muscles become stronger. It reduces tooth pain and general sensitivity in the mouth. Oil pulling can also reduce the number of harmful bacteria found in plaque and saliva that would wear away enamel and cause tooth decay or cavities. Certain carrier oils used in the oil pulling process, such as coconut oil, have anti-inflammatory properties that aid in reducing inflammation associated with gum disease. It is beneficial for sore throats, dry face, impaired vision, taste loss, and anosmia. It increases the metabolism in the body. 

I laugh because there are so many things a 15 minute oil pull a day could really help with. Everyone should be oil pulling, it is so good for you. There are studies listed on the NAH website about this. One study showed a 20% reduction in bacteria count after 40 days of oil pulling with sesame oil, as well as a reduction in the severity of dental cavities. It reversed cavities. Another study on 60 teens showed a 50% decrease in plaque and gingivitis after four weeks of daily oil pulling. In a third study with adolescents, oil pulling out performed the antiseptic chlorhexidine, with the amount of bacteria and plaque decreasing while the chlorhexidine group stayed the same.

Basically, oil attracts the lipid layer of bacteria cells and causes them to stick to the oil, hence oil pulling. You are pulling that bacteria out of your mouth. This starts to happen just after five minutes. Oil pulling for 20 minutes, will ensure thorough removal of bad bacteria. The oil will coat the teeth and gingiva and will inhibit bacteria responsible for gingivitis, periodontitis, bad breath, bleeding gums, and dry mouth. Oil pulling is one of the best things you can do for your oral health. A healthy diet is also important, lots of sugar and soda are really not good for your teeth and gums. Other things like eating healthy fats such as avocados are really good, including balancing the pH in your body as well. If you have a very acidic body you may notice more cavities or decay in your mouth.

The Dangers of Fluoride

Other things to note - fluoride is not good for you! I am not sure if you know this yet, or if you have gotten the memo, but fluoride is actually a neurotoxin. It is not something that should be in any of your dental care products. Numerous studies have linked fluoride use to high lead levels in the body, brain damage, and a lowered IQ. It may also lower thyroid function, disrupt collagen in the skin which causes wrinkles, cause arthritis, it is linked to bone cancer, linked to hyper-activity and/or lethargy, and linked to dementia. It activates about 62 enzymes in the gut, is linked to muscle disorders, inhibits formation of antibodies, causes genetic damage and cell death, increases tumor and cancer rates, and disrupts the immune system. So, fluoride is a no go! Please be careful to check your dental ingredients, even the smallest amount of fluoride in your toothpaste is not good for you. Make sure to double check your personal care products. 

My Oral Routine

I oil pulling with Thieves toothpaste, which I absolutely love because it is quick and convenient. I do add a couple drops of Myhre essential oil into my toothpaste, that I am oil pulling with, because Myhre is really great for teeth and gums. I also brush with Thieves toothpaste after I eat and floss with Thieves dental floss. They work amazing for me and I know they do not have fluoride and SLS, which is sodium lauryl sulfate, so keep that in mind. When you use the Thieves toothpaste it does not foam up like your other toothpaste brands do, because it does not have that toxic chemical in it that makes it foam. This chemical you do not want in your toothpaste. 

Brushing all around your tongue is really important, including the inside of your lower teeth, and really rinsing with the Thieves mouthwash when you are done as well. I add a little birch xylitol to my Thieves mouthwash because my holistic dentist has recommended that. Birch xylitol is also really good for your teeth.

I hope that this was helpful and if you have any questions about proper gum and teeth health I would be super excited to share any other information that I have. If you have any other ideas I am happy to hear them. 

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