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Thanks for tuning in to Twelve Minute Health Bits. This is your host, Christen Hull, providing health and wellness support for the 21st century. We will be talking about using simple methods from today and centuries ago to keep our bodies healthy. Our goal is to daily stay “Above the Wellness Line.” In this podcast I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to daily make small changes to your life in order to keep your body well. 

Episode 41 - A Healthy Liver

Today we are going to talk about an organ in your body that is absolutely crucial to your health and wellness. This organ is responsible for cleaning and filtering your blood; metabolizing fats, sugars, and proteins; clearing toxins from the body; breaking down chemicals; producing enzymes to help digest your food; producing bile to help emulsify and absorb fat; producing and regulating cholesterol; regulating hormones and hormone production; and balancing sugars. 

Thank you so much for tuning in and learning more about your liver today! If you have any question regarding any of the information please send me a message or you can also check into the book “Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils.” I am happy to get you information on where to get this book. It is an excellent resource to have in your natural health medicine cabinet.

Do you have any of these?

A clouded liver is not just someone who has drank a lot of alcohol. A clouded liver can be anyone who has allergies, hay fever, is sensitive to chemicals, migraines or frequent headaches, weakened immune system, anger issues, depression, digestion discomfort, has intense food cravings, extra fatigue, hormonal imbalances, bad dark circles under the eyes, bad breath, brain fog, skin issues or rashes, sleep trouble, inability to lose weight, excessive gas, high blood pressure, acid reflux, heartburn, gallbladder issues, has a strong body odor, or skin blemishes.

Importance of a Liver Cleanse

So many people fall into these categories and people look at me funny when I ask, "have you ever thought about a liver cleanse?” But really, this is so important for your overall health and wellness! Basically, just like you get your car’s oil changed it is important to clean out your liver once a year. Spring is a normal and nice time of the year to do a liver cleanse. Literally, it has made all the difference for me in my allergies. In the spring is when I used to, prior to regular liver cleanses, get so stuffed up. My eyes would water for a couple hours after getting out of bed in the morning. My nose would run and run and run. I would use so many tissues. It was so bad and frustrating for me because I could not even think clearly until noon every day. This has helped me tremendously. 

Lower Functioning Livers

Causes for lower functioning liver can be mercury fillings for cavities, synthetic chemical cleaners, antibiotics, poor diet, alcohol consumption, acetaminophen use, over the counter drugs, vaccines which have heavy metals in them, synthetic chemicals in personal care products, over eating, outdoor pollution, and indoor pollution (candles, wax warmers/plug ins, which are so harmful for your liver). Lotions and soaps from regular stores have a lot of synthetic chemicals in them. Outgassing from new carpet, paint, and stain. Outdoor pollution such as cigarette smoke, gas fumes, and factory emissions. 

A fun fact, a toxic liver or an overloaded liver cannot store vitamin A as efficiently which can lead to inflammation, infections, and some skin rashes. So how should someone cleanse their liver? Every spring it is suggested to cleanse the liver due to unavoidable toxins in our environment. We all are around toxins, whether you think you are or not. Whether you think you have cleaned up your house or not, you really cannot avoid toxins in our toxic world. If you go outside you smell gas pollution, if you go inside and you burn candles you have air pollution in your house. If you use conventional laundry detergent or dryer sheets or any type of traditional cleaners, they are all harmful for your liver. Anyone wanting to get pregnant should also do a liver cleanse because sometimes our hormones, if we have an overload of certain types, can load up in our liver and cause a clogged liver as well. Anyone who has recently traveled (airports, planes, public restrooms) has been around lots of synthetic chemicals and they are hard on your liver. If you still have mercury tooth fillings in your mouth it is a good idea to get them removed if you are able to. Please go to a dentist who knows what they are doing. They should be giving you activated charcoal and vitamin c in order to flush out those toxins. You do not want to just drill them out and be done with it. You really want to have someone who knows what they are doing in order to get them out and that does not cause more harm for your health. If you have mercury fillings in your mouth, every time you eat, drink, or brush your teeth you are activating that mercury! So if you can replace them with composite fillings, that is much better for you. If you have any exposure to heavy metals or lead you would want to do a liver cleanse as well.

Liver Cleanse Challenge

Our Wellness Team is doing a liver cleanse challenge, please send me a message and I will get you all the details of the challenge. Super easy to do. You want to buy the products to help support your liver, and you also want to do a Vital Life Juice. The Vital Life Juice contains beets, carrots, celery, green apples, and ginger (which you can use ginger essential oil that is safe for consumption). If you are able to, please use organic produce. When you are on the liver cleanse which is five days, or longer if you really feel like your liver is really toxic and you need to, you want to make sure you are eating a whole foods plant based diet and limiting refined sugar and white refined carbohydrates such as gluten.

The Vital Life Juice is not really incredibly yummy, I will be honest, but it is something that you can tolerate. My kids do drink it, and you add green apples to it which helps make it a little but sweeter. You want to make sure you are drinking half your body weight in ounces of water during the cleanse per day. If you weigh 120 pounds you want to drink 60 ounces of water per day. You can add citrus vitality oils, those help support your liver while doing this. You want to also make sure you get synthetic chemicals out of your house as much as possible. If you are cleaning out your liver you want to be checking those products to make sure you are not adding chemicals to your liver and not adding to the problem. 

The cleanse can be adjusted based on your body’s needs and response. You might have some detox responses, such as becoming lethargic or a rash. Do not let those detox affects deter you! Day two is always the hardest of the liver cleanse, and once you get past day three you are doing pretty well. Day five is usually pretty easy. If you need to go longer you totally can. Sometimes I have gone for a week. Some people have even gone two weeks because they felt their liver was really toxic at the time. Make sure you are having two to three good bowel movements per day, which the water helps with. 

For the Vital Life Juice you will need a juicer, and sometimes you can find used ones at Goodwill or Savers. The recipe for one day of Vital Life Juice is half a head of celery, two large red beets, two and a half carrots, two green apples, and two knobs of ginger. You do need a lot of produce for the week, and you sip on it throughout the day. Make sure to sip and not gulp it, so that your blood sugar levels do not go crazy high. It should help to stabilize blood sugars if you sip on it. It is easier for your body to get used to it also. If you are interested in the full liver cleanse and hearing about what other supplements are involved in this, please send me a message at or send me a text at 218-481-5088 I am happy to get the information to you, and getting you cleaning out your liver with the rest of us. You will not regret taking this step and really helping support your health and your body. I hope this is a good step for you and I am praying for health and wellness for you my friend. Have a wonderful day and thanks for tuning in to this edition of Twelve Minutes Health Bits. 

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Deardeuff, L., & Deardeuff, D. (2006). Inner transformations using essential oils: Powerful cleansing protocols for increase energy and better health (1st ed.). YL Wisdom LLC.


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