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Episode 44 - The Power of Words
Today we are going to be talking about the power of our thoughts and our words. Our main scripture focus for today is Hebrew 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

Our Thoughts Impact Us
If we look at Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book Switch on your Brain, she links scripture to the science concept that she is trying to teach. So what she is showing here, is that this Hebrews passage talks about how our thoughts are real, they are physical things that occupy mental realestate moment by moment. Everyday you are changing the structure of your brain through your thinking. When we hope, it is the activity of the mind that changes the structure of our brain in a positive and normal direction. So we are hopeful, when we are talking about things that are positive. We are actually changing our brain, which is incredible news! If we are stuck in a downward spiral of negative thought patterns, things constantly going wrong, poor me, self pity, or constantly being negative about someone else, we can change that. And that is exciting news! 

What I used to Say
I want you to really focus on your thoughts and the things you say quickly throughout the day. Once I started being aware of what I was saying and thinking, that is when I really started to transform. I realized how many times in the day that I am actually saying something that was bringing me down. Maybe my thoughts or words were actually bringing someone else down. I was breathing that over them. I started to become conscious and aware of what I was saying and what I needed to change. I was constantly saying things like: 
  • “Oh my goodness, I am so busy.” 
  • “Life is really crazy right now.”
  • “This last year has been so rough!”
  • “I do not know if you know, but our life is just really crazy.”
We are what we Say
Even though those things are not really bad things, they actually had been bringing me to a place of constant craziness where it was making me feel like it was a bad thing. This constant spiral of continuously talking about how busy, and crazy, and how I do not have time for anything. Well, if I say I do not have time for anything over and over and over again, I am not going to have time for the things that I want to have time for. The reality is, when people say they do not have time for that I have such and such, or I have this or that, it means they do not really want to make the time for that. Yes, you may have a very busy schedule, you may have a lot of things to balance and juggle, we all do. Every single one of us does. However, we make time for what is important to us. If you really really want to do something, you are going to make time for it,  find the time, and figure out how to put that into your schedule.

What I say Now
This was a journey for me, and I am still walking this journey like everyone else. I want to encourage you to focus on instead of saying “I do not have time for that” saying “you know, I just do not think that is a priority for our time right now.” The other thing that I used to catch myself thinking years ago, a long time ago, was, “I cannot do that because I cannot afford that” or “I cannot do that because it is going to cost too much money.” Instead of saying that, the reality is we can afford what we put value on. So kind of like time, we are going to make time for what is important or valuable to us. If there is something that is really important for us to spend our money on, we are going to save money to do it. We are going to figure out how to re-prioritize our spending. Maybe we are going to take something off of our cellphone bill for a couple months. That would allow us to put that money aside to buy the thing, or do the thing, that we think costs too much money but that is really important to us. If something is important enough for us, we can figure out how to save the money for it. But if you really do not want to save the money to do it, or you do not want to re-prioritize your spending, then it really is not that you cannot afford it, it is that you just do not want to spend your money on it. And that is not a bad thing. The problem I see, is that when people constantly say “I cannot afford it.” Instead of saying, “I cannot afford it,” maybe just say, “that is something we are not going to spend our money on right now.” And you do not even need to explain why you are not spending your money on it. You can just say, “we are not spending our money on that.” 

Valuing and Prioritizing our Thought Life
There were several others that I caught myself in that I had to work through as well, and I still do. Many times I find myself saying something negative about someone else or about myself. I now think, I am breathing that over myself, or I am breathing that over that person, and that is not fair to them and not fair to myself. Because God created that person and he created me, and we are both inherently His and His creation, and so I need to value that and see that. 

Brain Imaging 
On page 54 of Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book Switch on your Brain, she talks about all of your thinking as an activity that is real. She has studied this and watched this on brain imaging. She says that it actually does happen and you can watch your thinking if you do brain imaging. One of the great things she says about the frontal lobes in our brains, is that you can use that frontal lobe to step outside of your thinking and actually observe what you are thinking. You can change it, and that is the cool and exciting part!

How this Pertains to Wellness - our Illness does not Define us, Stop Claiming it!
So when we talk about wellness, all of this comes into light and all of this comes to make sense when she talks about the gene myth to truth. We are under this illusion as a society that all diseases are from our genes. Doctors lead us to believe, not that doctors are bad, please do not misquote me on that, but it is a western medical mindset that - well it is just genetic there is nothing you can do about it. And honestly, we need to step away from that! We are not victims of our biology. We control our biology. For me, my personal health story is in season 1, episode 6 if you would like to go back and listen to that. So I am not going to go into great detail today, but one thing that I do want to touch on, is that when I was going through the thick of some of the things that I have overcome health wise, one thing that I constantly said was “my Graves Disease or my Thyroid Disorder or my Tremors or my this or my that.” What I was doing, and I did not realize it at the time, is that I was owning that and not giving my body permission to heal. So if you have something that ails you, give your body permission to heal and to release that. Do not hold it in bondage. Release that sickness, release that illness, whatever it is, release it. Do not own it, it is not yours otherwise you would keep it. When I was working on my healing I also had to work on my thoughts and changing my thoughts of my Graves Disease or my Thyroid Disorder. What I say now is “I have overcome a Thyroid Disorder.” If you are not yet healed, you can say, “I am overcoming a __________.” “I am overcoming a thyroid disorder. I am overcoming tremors, I am overcoming this.” That is going to release your thoughts. Now that is not the only thing that is going to heal you. You have to do the work! You have to look at your diet, lifestyle changes,  supplements, and oils that you can add in to really help and focus on that healing. But you need to change your thoughts, you cannot own that disease. It does not have power over you. It will have power over you if you keep letting it have that power over you. 

Something that people say or think often, of which I have done many times over the course of my life is, I need to lose weight. If you have lost something, your brain is going to say “I need to go find it again.” So, when we talk about people going on yoyo diets where they lose weight and it comes back and they lose weight and it comes back, is it because they lost it and their brain is thinking I need to go find that weight again. It could be one small thing that could really help you to lose weight, or if your weight does come off. Maybe if you transform your thinking to, “I am working on slenderizing” or “I am working on toning up” or “I am working on getting into shape” or “I am working on my health” because really, losing weight is about being healthier. So if you talk about it more on the wellness side instead of losing weight.

Our Families, Spouses, and Children
Another example that I want to talk about today that is really important to me is how we talk about your family, our spouses, and our children. If we are constantly breathing over my children, “my children are so bad, they do not listen, I cannot believe how I can put up with these kids!” Or “my husband never does anything right, he cannot fix anything, he does not listen to me” and those types of things - we are breathing that over them! If we are constantly saying “my kids do not listen” what do you think your kids are going to do? They are not going to listen. If you can be the one to change your words and thoughts, then that is going to help transform the issues you are having. It starts with you! Instead of having the thought “they never listen” how about focusing on the times when they do listen? Saying “wow, you really listened well to mommy when I asked you to do this!” There has to be times when they do actually listen, all kids do at some point. But if we focus on all the times that they do not then that is where we are going to get caught in that downward spiral. The same is with our spouses and other family members.

Pairing our Thoughts with Supplements and Oils for Better Health
This has been a little different episode of Twelve Minute Health Bits and I think it honestly, is one of the most important of any of them that we have talked about. Our thoughts are so valuable, they are actually more valuable than any supplement you can take, and any oil you can use!

But there are some oils that you can use to transform your thinking. When I notice that someone is caught in a downward spiral I really want to get to the root issue of that. So if one of my people, or myself, are caught in a downward spiral (negative thinking), I want to help them or myself figure out what the root cause is of that negative thought pattern. So something that I like to do is take a mixture of equal parts of Frankincense, Stress Away, and Lavender - there is a lot of research behind those three oils put together to help you release and get to the bottom of things. So you can take that blend, place a couple drops in your palms, rub your hands together, cup your hands over your mouth and nose, and breathe it in deeply. If I have a child who is having a meltdown or whatever I take that blend and put it in my hands and I will cup my hands over their mouth and nose if they are so upset they are unable to do it at that time. We usually try to do three long slow deep breaths. You take a deep inhale in, fill up the belly, fill up the lungs with all the air that you can while cupping your palms over your mouth with those oils, and then release out and release as much air as you can and do that three times. Then see if you can ask them, or ask yourself, what it is that is going on. There is always a root cause, just like in diseases, there is a root cause with everything, there is a root cause to our thoughts. Why are we feeling like this? Are we feeling overwhelmed, do we need to let something go, are we saying we are constantly busy? Do we need to learn to let something go? Or maybe we need to write a list and prioritize our time. What is it that we need to get to the bottom of right now in our thoughts and our negative thinking patterns? 

Sometimes journaling helps, so for a lot of people they will write out what is going on and use those three oils (Frankincense, Stress Away, and Lavender - equal parts of each. I have a roller bottle of these already set to go that we use) you can write it out in your journal. You can focus on scripture, there are so many Bible verses that talk about the power of our tongue and the power of our thoughts. Our words and our thoughts are so valuable! 

I am going to leave you with this verse, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” Romans 12:2.

Become Microsurgeons on your Brain
Dr. Caroline Leaf links that to our thoughts - through our thoughts we can be our own microsurgeons, as we make choices that will change the circuits in our brains, we are designed to do our own brain surgery and rewire our brains by thinking and choosing to renew our minds. It is very possible to do this my friends. Thank you so much for tuning in today. I want you to be well and be blessed, and remember that our thoughts are so valuable. Catch yourself thinking today and catch yourself really finding a way to transform your thinking in a way that will build up those around you and build up yourself. 

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Leaf, C. (2013). Switch on your brain: The key to peak happiness, thinking, and health (reprint ed.). Baker Books.


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