You may have stumbled across my page, or maybe someone invited you. Irregardless I do not believe it is by accident. About six years ago our family started on a journey of using Young Living essential oils and it literally changed our lives. The idea of having hope to take care of small issues before they become larger ones, having tools at our fingertips, and sharing the knowledge and tools with others has been an absolutely incredible journey. Young Living is not just about essential oils, it's about a lifestyle. It's a lifestyle to making choices for your family that consistently improves their health every single day.

Our business name, Twelve stones, has biblical representation of endurance and stability and permanence. Stones in the bible also represented a grounding and connectedness with the earth. There are 12 essential oils in the starter kit. These essential oils will help you get going with the tools you need to replace many synthetics in your home that could be building up in your system and will eventually wreak havoc on your body. Essential oils, like stones, are strong, versatile and easily accessible.

Praying for you, my friend, as you walk down this journey of wondering if a natural health lifestyle is for you.  I can guarantee your eyes will be opened as you seek truth in taking care of your health.