KidScents Oils

As a mom do you ever wonder if there are tools out there that do not cause further harm to your child’s body? You know when they get an owie and you put on a typical cream that your parents used when you were a kid to clean it out or help to make the owie get better much more quickly. Only to later learn that the product you just used had synthetic chemicals that could cause further harm to your precious baby’s body?

When I first became a mom, I became incredibly frustrated trying to find the cleanest products on the market, and alternatives to products that really were necessary, but might be causing further harm to my little one’s body in the long run.

That is when I found Young Living’s Kidscent oils. They are exactly what I was searching for as a mom. Pure, natural, therapeutic grade oils that come prediluted so they are safe to put directly on the skin of my little ones without worrying at all about any sneaky ingredients.

This Little Oilers Collection is absolutely perfect to start out with if you are already a member of Young Living. If you wish to become a member you can grab the Feather the Owl Starter Kit and receive wholesale prices (with no monthly ordering commitment) and receive these amazing oils to start out with:

  • GeneYus is great to diffuse for improving focus and concentration when doing schoolwork.

  • SniffleEase is to roll on chests for easier breathing, just pop the roller top on this.

  • TummyGize can be rolled on tummies whenever they have discomfort or uneasiness for quick soothing.

  • SleepyIze goes perfect in the diffuser at bedtime and applied along the spine for falling asleep quicker.

  • Owie is my favorite! We use this daily (unfortunatelyšŸ¤£). Just roll or drop it on any oweis. I keep a bottle in my purse for any boo boos kids (and adults) might get when we are out and about. My husband also keeps a bottle in his hunting bag and in his first aid kit for work.

  • KidPower is an all new confidence building blend.

Feather the Owl Diffuser not only disperses these therapeutic, aromatic molecules in the air but doubles as a sound machine (without Electromotive force! (EMFs)) and nightlight. Research shows that red light is the best lighting to use for a nightlight with the least interference to the pineal gland so that is the setting we use at night for our kids’ rooms.

These products separately would be $219.75 (wholesale). But as a Young Living member it is $135 and then you receive wholesale pricing for as long as you choose.


What is better is that Young Living offers FREE shipping on all orders over 100 PV (which is like $100).