Nature's Ultra

Let me be perfectly honest here, I had no intention of using Nature’s Ultra products when they recently started to become more popular. My concern was whether or not I would have psychoactive effects from the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But like anything new, I had not yet done my research, so I did not understand the ingredients at all.

Now, I am here to say that after researching and learning about the purity of Young Living’s Nature’s Ultra products, I feel incredibly comfortable having them in my wellness toolbox and using them on a regular basis.

Young Living has teamed with a company called Nature’s Ultra to create the purest products on the planet that are infused with essential oils to make something good, even better!

When you purchase Nature’s Ultra, you are assured to get our Seed to Seal promise for quality.

Nature’s Ultra removes all THC as an ingredient, so there is 0% of THC in their products. They also have no heavy metals or other compounds. But, when you remove THC you remove the terpenes so it loses some of the effectiveness. Young Living has created a Nature’s Ultra line that is infused with essential oils adding those lost terpenes back into the product increasing the effectiveness and creating that synergistic effect again without THC. This is called Smart Spectrum. Smart spectrum combines organic ingredient isolate and terpenes from essential oils to create an amazing product that works incredibly well.

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