NingXia Red

This will change your life!

This drink has changed my life! Literally! This is one of the most powerful foods on the planet. When it comes to our health, sometimes people think, “I need to cut out this or that.” Well, I am going to tell you today that sometimes it is about what we take in as well. What we get from our food, as far as nutrients are concerned, is not even close to the same as it was hundreds of years ago. Today, traditional farming methods and the overabundance of herbicides, pesticides, and very little crop rotation does not allow for nutrients to be abundant in our food. This makes it incredibly important to supplement.

NingXia Red is a wolfberry puree. The NingXia wolfberry grows in the NingXia River Valley in China and is combined with pure therapeutic grade essential oils, blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices along with stevia extract. Stevia is a low glycemic index sweetener that is completely plant based. There are no fertilizers, pesticides, sulfur, or dyes or heavy metals that help the wolfberry plant grow, making it incredibly organic and powerful.

Here are some of the reasons our family makes room for NingXia Red in our budget:

  • Antioxidants: These little guys help put the yield sign on the aging process, and support memory, smoothe running joints, and so much more! The NingXia wolfberry is the highest on the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) scale for antioxidant capacities. To put it into perspective, the NingXia wolfberry runs as high as 27,300 on the ORAC scale, whereas vitamin E (the next highest) runs about 800-1200. 

  • Acid to Alkaline: Disease struggles to live in an alkaline environment. It is super important to keep your body’s potential of hydrogen (pH) neutral in order to stay healthy. The NingXia wolfberry is acid binding and alkaline forming, kind of like lemon. NingXia is an alkaline protein. This is the most perfect food…. Ever!

  • Free Radicals: We live in a toxic world. The air we breathe is polluted; the food we eat has been treated with chemicals; sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies; and electromagnetic fields all around us from our phones, computers, etc. are harmful and cause free radicals. Because the ORAC value of the NingXia wolfberry is so high, it works to protect the body from these free radicals. Also, Young Living goes to great lengths to keep the wolfberry in its purest form making it a powerhouse to fight free radicals so the body does not have to work as hard to do that job!

  • Whole Food: When I give my family NingXia Red I am giving them whole foods. It is not a synthetically derived vitamin supplement, it is coming straight from a plant. Our diets should consist mainly of whole foods. Because NingXia Red is a liquid, this also helps the absorbency within the body which means your body does not need to break it down to utilize it.

  • Essential Oils: NingXia Red is infused with essential oils which have teeny tiny molecules. These tiny molecules help deliver the larger molecules of the NingXia to the cells thereby increasing absorption.

  • Digestive Enzymes: As we age our gut decreases in digestive enzymes. NingXia Red is loaded with proper digestive enzymes to help break down other foods easier and provide valuable nutrients that you need.

  • Cell Strength: The wolfberry helps with correcting the pH of your blood so cellular communication can take place.

Improvement Over Time

It takes about 30-90 days to notice a difference in your body when drinking two ounces of NingXia Red a day. It takes about four months before all of the cells in your body are replaced. 

If you are brand new to Young Living and to drinking NingXia Red, I want to challenge you to drink it for 90 days. If you drink 2-4 ounces/day for 90 days I will send you a month supply of NingXia Red to help you get your fourth month free. Send me a message here to let me know you want to join the 90 day NingXia Challenge.

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