Savvy Minerals

Beauty without Compromise

We all want to feel beautiful. Beauty does come from within; however, it is okay to work on our outer beauty as well. Irregardless, our beauty should not come at the expense of our health. Many other countries ban chemicals from their cosmetics. For example, Europe bans 1,328 toxic ingredients from their cosmetics. Those ingredients are banned because they have been linked to cancer, infertility, hormone disruption, skin issues, and/or respiratory issues. The United States on the other hand only bans 11 toxic ingredients from their cosmetics. This means that there are so many ingredients that the U.S. considers safe and effective to use, but are found to be toxic enough to be banned in other countries. Young Living takes this so much further and has banned 2,500 toxic chemicals from their cosmetics. That is 2,500 ingredients that they will not, under any circumstance, use in their cosmetics (Harnisch, 2019, p. 393). For me this is a huge win. I need to know that the company I am purchasing my makeup from cares as much as I do about my health.

Toxins in Overdrive

Twenty-six seconds after exposing the skin to anything, in this case toxic ingredients, the chemicals leach into your body and are found in your bloodstream. The average woman applies a total of 300 chemicals to her body every day (Harnisch, 2019, p. 393)! Most chemicals come from soaps, makeup, and hair care products. This causes our body to work in overdrive to fight off all the toxins, so it is not able to do the job it was made to do-keep you healthy by fighty off everyday germs and bacteria that you may encounter. 

Personal Story

About one month before Young Living launched their Savvy Mineral makeup line, I actually stopped wearing makeup. I was learning more and more about products that contained synthetic chemicals and I decided I no longer wanted these products on my skin. I could not find a makeup line that actually met my standard of quality ingredients. So I quit wearing everything except mascara.

Savvy Minerals a Standard of High Quality!

Young Living’s makeup line provided me with the delight of makeup again. I was even more delighted to have a makeup line that actually met my desired standard for ingredients. I was skeptical if it would even work, but immediately fell in love. I purchased the powder foundation, lipstick and lip gloss, blush, and multitasker (eyeliner) immediately. Later, Young Living came out with more including: eyeshadow options, a liquid foundation, concealer, and additional lipstick colors. I absolutely love my Savvy Minerals and will not use anything different on my skin. 

How to Order Savvy Minerals

You can easily get Savvy Minerals at wholesale prices by purchasing a Young Living Basic Starter Kit for $35 (this will get you wholesale prices,think Sam’s Club or Costco membership with no monthly minimum purchase requirement) and then add on any makeup options you would like to buy.

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Harnisch, S. (2019). Unstuck: How To Talk To Humans & Get Them To Respond To You. Independently published.