Young Living Starter Kit

Overall Health

Did you know that essential oils consist of hundreds of different natural, organic compounds? They can provide support for every system in your body including the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, endocrine, hormone, respiratory, and immune system. Essential oils can support a healthy brain and weight. They can be helpful in your prayer life and provide incredible emotional support. Essential oils can be used to replace synthetic chemicals in your home and provide amazing beauty options. 

Starter Kit Products

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit is a fantastic deal. This kit is a $412 bundle deal that you can get for just $165. You will receive 12 five ml bottles of oils and a diffuser of your choice. It contains oils to support your body like raven for your respiratory system, panaway for fatigued or uncomfortable muscles, thieves for increasing your immune system, and digize vitality for digestion. There are oils to help you focus like valor, keep you alert and attentive such as peppermint, and help calm racing thoughts or negative energy like stress away, peace & calming, or frankincense. Along with your oils you will also receive a Thieves spray. This spray is necessary on shopping carts, the bottoms of your purse, to clean the air in your car or a public restroom, and cleaning your hands. Do not forget the Thieves Hand Sanitizer. This hand sanitizer is 65% alcohol that is denatured with essential oils instead of harmful synthetic chemicals like traditional sanitizers and is proven to kill 99.9% of germs. 

Learn more about Young Living’s Thieves product line here.

Enrollment Matters

You do not need professional training to use essential oils. You can learn as you go. However, who you enroll with is incredibly important. It is beneficial to purchase your starter kit from someone who cares about helping you learn about using oils safely and effectively and has experience helping others.

Quality is Essential

Essential oils work if you use quality oils properly. The United States currently has no rating or regulation system for essential oils. This means that anyone can make any claims on their oil labels that are simply not true or are misleading. Unfortunately, so many essential oil companies do not follow strict growing, distilling, and quality standards so they do not actually do their due diligence in replacing synthetic chemicals in your homes.

Check out the information on quality here: Essential Oil Quality.

My friends, you need oils in your home as a part of a simple, synthetic chemical free lifestyle. Synthetic chemicals in your personal care products enter your bloodstream within 26 seconds of contacting your skin. 

When you grab your Young Living Starter Kit by clicking on this link, you will become a member of my Twelve Stones Health and Wellness Team. 

Let me Walk Alongside You and Your Family

Walking alongside you to help you learn to use your oils, fall in love with them, and make changes to completely rewrite your health story would be an amazing blessing for me. Young Living was by far one the best decisions I made for our family’s health. Send me a message or click on “Grab my Starter Kit” to begin your journey and join my wellness team!